Water Sports, Karaoke Entertainment and Travel Day! / Jamaica 2023

A girls trip holiday to Jamaica to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday! Part 3 is day 7 and 8. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Day 7: Double Kayaking, Pedalos Racing and Guest Karaoke 
It was only on our final day that we discovered the hotel provided free water sports for all guests as part of the package. I was devastated because I totally would have gone daily. 

We started the morning by the adult only pool. I enjoyed swimming to get drinks and the mini jacuzzi. After sunbathing and lunch, Jess and I went kayaking as a twosome. I wanted to go further out but she was scared of the water depth and sharks. We compromised with a middle ground and instead travelled up the coast line, watching all the fish underneath and even seeing giant starfish! 

Later on, mum and I went on the pedalos. It was so much fun to be in the water and whilst we didn’t have time to quite make it to the island I really wanted to visit, we got pretty close. I’m just so sad I didn’t find out about it all until the last day! 

For our last evening in the Caribbean, we slowly got ready for the night. We walked along the beach and saw the beach dinners for two and the setting was lovely and romantic. We ate at the buffet which didn’t feel repetitive at all, not only because we’d only eaten there once before, but because it had such a variety of food too. 

The evening show was a little disappointing as it was just karaoke but everyone got involved which was fun. I was quite surprised at how good the guests were and despite the initial technical problems, it all worked out in the end. You could also send pictures in for the presentation and for some reason, toes and feet were on the agenda. Weird. 

Day 8: Goodbye Jamaica, Long Travel and Hello Snow 
When I originally booked the holiday, I thought we would have half a day either side of the travelling. Of course, with the long coach journey and delays in, that didn’t happen. For the way back, we were getting picked up at 1240. I had hoped to do aqua aerobics, but with 10 minutes to spare it would have been cutting it far too close. 

Instead, we had a lovely lie in until 9am, then got ready and went to our last breakfast. On the way back to the hotel room, we walked along the beach, enjoying the last of the waves lapping our toes. 

We then packed, checked out and did a little bit of shopping on our way to lunch. We weren’t really hungry but thought it best to have a snack so I had a slice of pizza and some chicken. The coach actually came 15 minutes early so it’s a good job we didn’t waste too much time. 

The coach was painless but tiring. Annoyingly, we got there 30 minutes before the check in gates even opened and to top it off the flight was 45 minutes delayed already. It would have been perfect to have an extra hour at the resort because I would have sunbathed and read and swam and done my aqua aerobics too! 
Anyway, after a few further delays, 7 hours after leaving the hotel we finally boarded the flight. It was only suppose to take 7 hours on the way back but given the 5 hours time jump forward it felt much longer. 
I watched one film called Father of the Bride which was nice and easy going. We ate the meal, before doing some reading and writing, then I got a couple of hours sleep before waking up just in time for breakfast. 
We arrived back in Birmingham an hour later than originally planned but speedily got through security, passport control and baggage reclaim. We wheeled the suitcases to the car then drive back to Nottingham. It was a little bit of a stressful drive, but we arrived safely before mum and Jess departed, leaving me home alone once again.