Utility Renovation: Painting and Building Kitchen Units

As with the majority of the rest of the house, I really wanted to hire a painter to come and do the painting for the utility room, but with the ever increasing length of the project and the expense, I decided to go ahead and do it myself. It took far too long but I was genuinely happy with the paint finish, sadly the plastering was something else to be desired. 

Despite spending hours sanding and painting a mist coat, I still had lumps, bumps and holes throughout. The majority seems to be okay from a distance and I don’t think too many people will be looking as closely as I am. Still it is a little frustrating that after plastering, mist coat and 3-4 layers of paint, it’s not perfect. 

I ended up getting my old painter who did the upstairs bathroom ceiling in to do the last coat of the ceiling because it was looking a little patchy so he fitted me in last minute and did the ceiling and door frames for just £40. Immediately afterwards, it looked great, but since then, the paint around the edges has cracked quite badly and I'm not entirely sure why. 

I bought the units back in August when I got the integrated fridge-freezer from Wren. It’s not necessarily the style I would have originally gone for, but if you bought 5 units from the same range, you got 50% off so it made it obviously much more affordable. I did initially have quite a few problems with a couple of missing items and then the three units were also damaged, as well one of the large panels had a hole in the bottom. I did reach out to them and they quickly ordered replacements but obviously still not ideal. 

The units were fitted without the additional filler panel as I didn’t feel it was needed and preferred to have the extra space gap to the wall of the door. I then bought a worktop from Worktop Express. I chose the Laminate Worktop it White Quartz Stone. Sadly, it did cost more than I would have hoped, but still one of the cheapest I could find, purely because they only come with 3m minimum and I needed literally 25cm, but nevertheless I really do like it and hopefully I can find other uses for it around the house. I also bought the upstand and the edging strip to finish the unit. 

When the kitchen units were originally fitted, the fitter seemed to misunderstand me a little and only put one side of the tower unit on. Of course, this meant the cupboard above couldn’t open and looked stupid. He did apologise and then took the whole thing apart again and refit it properly, to which I was grateful. I swear nothing in this house goes smoothly!