Wollaton Park, Organising Interior and Stackers Unboxing!

In between assessment writing, I needed some small breaks and so met my cousin for a couple of walks, whilst also taking some breaks to organise and decorate the house, which somewhat feels never-ending at present. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I've spent the majority of the last 2 weeks of days off working on my second masters assignment. It's a big presentation but online so I've had to work on a script with references and evidence, whilst also creating an aesthetically pleasing presentation. 

I did meet up with my cousin and her family a couple of times which was actually lovely. We went on a walk around Wollaton Park which was lovely. The first week, the weather was absolutely beautiful. I spent the whole day chilling with them and it was perfect. We went first to the cafe at the park where my cousin had breakfast and I had a brownie. Then we went for a long walk, calling at the pub for lunch on the way back, and then I stayed at her house for a few hours too. I loved every second. 

The week after, it was a little gloomier of a day but still lovely. I spent the morning organising the house and then we went for lunch at a cafe and a quick walk, getting back just before it started raining. I didn't stay for too long, just a couple of hours altogether, as she had more visitors coming around later. I ended up coming home to some perfect packages and I loved every second of opening them all. I got my Stackers delivery which I will share in more detail soon, a Hello Fresh package so I did a couple of meal prep meals and also some cheap Easter treats. 

The next day, I was suppose to be really productive with my assignment and nearly finish it but unfortunately, I ended up with a migraine so I couldn't. I ended up asking for an extension as it put me a couple of days behind, and instead I tried to do some further organising of the house, making my gallery wall and going through each room one by one.