23andMe Test, Building Walls and Covid Positive!

I had a semi-relaxing day, my dad came over to build a wall and then I got Covid-19. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Thursday was my first day not having workmen in the house and it was nice to have a lie in. I had a very lazy morning, before getting ready to head out. I went to the bank and the post office, before calling at my cousins. We were suppose to be going out for the afternoon, but instead I just headed over for some snuggles for an hour as baby D wasn't feeling very well. 

In the evening, I did my 23 and Me test which I'll talk more about when the results come in, but I also had Hilary's blinds come over to do some quotes on shutters for the bay window in the lounge. I was shocked by the cost and I think it's currently way out of budget but maybe one day. I have two other independent companies coming over in the next two weeks, so we will see how much they quote. 

On Friday, my dad came around to build the stud wall. Due to different phone calls and having to take breaks, it took a lot longer than originally anticipated but nevertheless, it's up and it looks great. I absolutely love how the room looks and I'm still surprised by how spacious it is too. 
I went to work on Saturday and Sunday as extra shifts and had a really enjoyable weekend at work, looking after some beautiful families. On Sunday afternoon, I weirdly started sneezing but genuinely didn't think anything of it, until the next morning when I woke up and had an awful headache which turned into a migraine. Putting two and two together, I decided to do a Covid lateral flow test before calling in sick and it somewhat shockingly came up positive before the fluid even reached the top of the test. Of course, I called work to let them know and then it was 5 days of isolation. 

I didn't do a whole lot the first few days other than spend time in bed. I wasn't too bad, it was really just a mild cold and a migraine, but of course I had no motivation to do anything so I decided to binge watch Love Island. I've actually been secretly enjoying it and it may just become a guilty pleasure. Oh dear... I also bought so many takeaways. I had McDonalds for tea on Sunday night, Dominoes Monday and Tuesday, McDonalds breakfast Thursday and Greggs on Friday. Yikes! 

I felt back to normal by Thursday so deep cleaned the house, finally changing my bed sheets and being able to use the kitchen and bathroom again. I actually bought a second television and moved my old one to the bedroom permanently. I also bought some more containers for the "pantry" cupboard. It's still not quite organised but it looks good enough for now. I'll properly organise it when the utility room cupboards are filled as some things from the kitchen will be moving around.