Setting Up my Online Bullet Journal

Following on from last month's post, that was actually written at the very start of the year, I spent the first week or so of the year designing and creating my online bullet journal with Canva. There were a lot of pre-existing templates and drafts that could be used, some of which were free and some of which were paid for. I really wanted to completely personalise mine, using some ideas as inspiration.

I knew I wanted a simple introduction and the first page needed to be people's birthdays. I wanted to keep my trackers quite simple. I spent hours and hours designing my own table and graph, then finally found one that was pre-made and was already made, so ended up using that and editing it slightly. I know some people have different designs and ideas for mood trackers, weathers and for hobbies. I personally love the year overview and colour co-ordination style so I decided to keep it simple and keep them all the same. I have created a tracker for mood, weather, social life and work activity. 

I then created a page for a month overview. On this page I wanted each month to have somewhat of it's own design based on the theme of the month. For example, January is yellow with firework and February is pink with love hearts. Within this page, I created a cross out calendar to tick off the days and then 3 boxes. The boxes each have a purpose for key information. I have a tasks box to tick ofg, an events box for important things to look forward to and a notes box which I can add to, but also link to quotes which I love at the moment. 

I saw on someone else's bullet journal that they did a self-care bingo and I love that idea. At the moment, I have just copied and pasted these over for each month, but I also have the ability to edit them for new priorities so that's my goal on the first of each month. 

I finally made and copied some pages from the templates. I really wanted to be able to keep a track of the books I've read and the movies I have watched. I had considered tv shows too, but usually these are repeated yearly so not much would change. For the book one, I plan to write the titles and authors on the covers, then do a full book review on the blog. For the films, I plan to write a star writing, alongside the title 

I think it will be a work in progress all year, and realistically because it's online, I can also constantly add to it throughout the year too. What pages have you included in your bullet journal? What pages do you think I should add? So far, I've been loving filling it in and I actually find it really therapeutic to reflect and look back on it too.