Exploring Krakow, Jewish Quarters and Worst Turbulence! / Poland 2023

For my last day in Poland, my Segway Tour got cancelled so I walked around Krakow and then had a terrible flight home. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I had a lovely lie in until 9am and actually slept through a couple of alarms which was a little surprising. I ended up having a lovely relaxing breakfast. It was nice not to have to rush. Then I watched some television and YouTube whilst I slowly packed up my suitcase to check out. I actually watch She-Hulk on my phone as my cousin shared her account with me and I loved the entire show. It was a slight shame that I had to watch on my phone but it was great. I ended up checking out just in time, as two entire teams of handball players arrived just as I was leaving.

For once, the weather outside was actually nice. There wasn't a rain cloud in sight and the sun was shining. I massively regretted bringing my coat and scarf and had to carry them for the first half of it. I started by walking up the river and around the other side of the castle, before heading to the city centre. 

Then I walked down to the Jewish Quarters and Getto. I honestly got lost so many times and apparently I walked past Schindler's passage so many times but I literally couldn't find it anywhere! 
I then went back to the city centre for a lovely three course meal, before walking back to the hotel. I got a little put off by the restaurant as someone kept trying to air drop me pictures. No thank you Patryk. Then as I was walking back, two men said I had a nice smile and followed me almost the entire way home. 

I didn't have long at the hotel before having to get to the airport. I got an Uber back and then chilled watching a film I downloaded whilst I waited for the gate to open. It was literally the worst flight of my life. First of all, they had next to no refreshments on board. No soft drinks and only a handful of crisps so by the time they got to me, there was nothing left. About an hour in, the pilot said we were going to have a lot of turbulence. I didn't realise how bad it was going to be but as we approached England it started to cause my tummy to go. I kind of liked the feeling at first but then the whole plane started shaking. I think I would have probably panicked but the girl next to me was freaking out a little so I tried to support her and calm her down instead. When we finally landed, it was so windy, we weren't allowed off the plane for almost an hour! I go into more detail on the vlog, but it was an interesting experience for sure.