Alchemist Cocktails, Botanist Lunch and Cloakroom Plumbing!

My sister came to visit for the weekend and we had some lovely meals out, plus my utility renovations finally started for real!  

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

For my Christmas present from my oldest sister, she wanted to take me out for cocktails or brunch. She was meant to come for the weekend, but after her hair appointment, she didn't end up arriving until gone 7pm and then she left at about 5pm the next day. We still had fun though and when she arrived, we headed straight out to The Alchemist.

We had a table booked and I'd seen online that they had a DJ from 10pm, so when I walked in to loud clubbing music, I was a little shocked. It was so loud in the restaurant and defintely not a place I would normally go to but the food was delicious. I loved how everything was presented, it was just a shame we were so rushed and got kicked off the table before even getting cocktails. We did go to the bar to finish off, and the cocktails were so sweet and tart that I couldn't even finish. 

When we got back home, we had some snacks and drinks as we talked and caught up about life from each other. Honestly, it was a little emotional and upsetting and there were lots of tears from my part but after some board games, it got better. 

The next day was much more up my alley. We went to West Bridgford to The Botanist and without a doubt, it was my favourite meal in a long time. It was so delicious and everything was practically perfect. It was calm, relaxing and service was amazing. I cannot wait to go back and take everyone I know!  
Afterwards, we went for a little walk around the local park and it was nice to walk some of the food off. It was a nice park, albeit a little muddy. There were so many dogs. I really wish I could get a dog. I really thought this year would be the year, but now I don't think it will be possible because it's not fair on the dog to be left alone for so long. 
I actually had annual leave the week after. I was originally going to go away to Poland, but then ended up going earlier, then I was going to visit family but I actually ended up being able to reschedule the renovations for the utility room. I was so excited to finally start proper work, but I wasn't expecting the amount of dirt and dust that it caused. I struggled to breathe a little. 

I'm going to explain all about the work and progress separately, but so far, good progress!