DITL: Driving Home, Unboxing Packages and Naming Ceremony!

After shortening my city break, I had a busy Friday driving everywhere and anywhere and ended with a naming ceremony. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After arriving back from Poland in the early hours of the morning, I had a lovely lie in before packing up the car and getting ready to leave. I did have some snuggles with the puppies and then spoke to grandma for a bit. She was very interested in Auschwitz so I went through and showed her the pictures of the museum, telling her the stories the guide described. 

I called at McDonalds on my way home and made great time, calling at ASDA for my first big grocery shop of the year. I bought some vegetables and fruit, a handful of ready meals, some snacks and crisps and then the essentials of Diet Coke and Ketchup. I also had a £4 voucher to spend on chocolate so I picked up some bits too. 

I also had a bunch of packages to unbox. The first was some beautiful flowers. These aren't the typical type I go for but they are defintely pretty. I love how they look in the kitchen, especially the new glass vase on the glass table.
I also had some Amazon packages, some house warming gifts and some canvas photo tiles. I'm sure I'll share them when I put them up! Later in the afternoon, I headed to a doctors appointment for another mental health appointment. Whilst I've been busy this week, it's been okay, but I really struggled for the entire month for December and knew I needed to act before it got worse again. They discussed a lot and anti-depressants were considered but given I live alone, they preferred to try talking therapies first so I may update more on that soon. 
After I got back, I got showered, dressed and all glammed ready to head to my nephews naming ceremony. It was an interesting experience involving dancing and singing in a women's circle once again. Then we had to throw rice and peanuts into a fire to symbolise positive thoughts and messages, before finally getting to eat. It was lovely to be able to catch up with family, but mainly get some much needed baby snuggles. Things are always better when I'm holding a baby...

My sister ended up coming back with me and spending the night at mine. I was working the weekend, but she had an open day at Derby university so decided to stay overnight and then head straight to Derby from mine as it is less than half an hour away.