Bloom & Wild: January 2023 (Review)

For Christmas, I asked for a postal flower service subscription. My mum ended up buying me an annual pass which means I get 12 bouquets this year and I am completely in love. She ended up choosing Bloom & Wild to buy them through, so I thought it would be nice to share the bouquet I receive each month. January is a little different, because I received 2 bouquet's and of course, it's a little belated with all the Christmas and New Year posts shared at the start of the year. 

The boxes that the flowers are delivered in is long, but slim meaning it can be posted through the letterbox for delivery which is always great because you don't have to be in for delivery or miss it. They are pretty secure packages, made with fully recycled material, but unfortunately, my first box did arrive slightly damaged. 

Inside, the box contains a gift card as mine was a gift subscription, and a booklet on the exact flowers in the bouquet, including all how to care for instructions. The flowers themselves are laid top to tail in length and wrapped in brown paper packaging to try and protect them. All the guides say to expect them to look slightly flattened and pre-bud, but that they will get better throughout the first 3 days. They also have 2 packs of flower food, one for day 0 and one for day 3. 
Like I said, I was quite disappointed with the first bouquet because a lot of the flowers were super bent. Some didn't stand up at all so I had to throw these, others could lean against the others in the arrangement but meant it looked a little lopsided in some vantage points and wasn't the fullest. 
It still looked beautiful and this is how the January arrangement looked after 3 days. It fit perfect in my lounge colour scheme. I decided to get the monthly themed one as I thought that would be the most appropriate and I like the thought of having seasonal. 
Every time you receive a delivery you also get a feedback code. I filled in the feedback and was surprised to get an email response the next day apologising and offering a free bouquet to compensate. I didn't expect it at all and I was going away to Poland so of course, said yes bust asked if it could be delayed until the following week. It was a lovely present to walk in to when I got home so I quickly unpackaged it and set it up in my Christmas vase and I loved how it looked in the kitchen on the glass table. It was perfect and nothing was damage making it look much fuller. This is the Anoushka, which is one of their more expensive options but absolutely worth it to me!  

I was so impressed with Bloom & Wild, with their customer service and deliveries. I can't wait to receive my next month and will defintely be sharing each and every month's arrangement!