How I Booked and Planned for Krakow, Poland

Last month I headed to Krakow, Poland on a last minute trip that I literally booked 3 days before I departed. I had planned for it to be a cheap little escape, but of course, not wanting to miss anything, I wanted to make sure to visit all the places and explore the important aspects. I thought I would do a little rundown of the holiday and the cost involved. 

So when I originally booked, I was going Monday to Friday and I booked a package which included the hotel, flights and airport transfers. My cousin then last minute decided to do a naming ceremony on Friday and whilst at first I wasn't going to go, I decided to change my flights but of course I couldn't get a refund on the existing package. The original package was £222 and then the additional flights were £32 and £47. I did get a refund on airport parking as my mum offered to pick me up and drop me off. I then got Ubers as transfers which were £8 each. 

I booked 2 day trips before I arrived. One was to Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Salt Mine and the second was to Zakopane and Thermal Baths, which cost £133 total. In terms of spending whilst I was there, I spent £120, including the Uber return. I also spent £15 on the outbound journey, at the airport. 

In total I spent just over £600 which was a lot more than I had originally anticipated. I was a little shocked when I worked it out, but that was for all food, drinks and activities. The spending money included a spa treatment which would be at least £50 in the UK. 

I did enjoy myself, as much as I could, whilst I was there. Click through the watch all 4 daily vlogs of the trip: