Shepherd's Hut, Zakopane Snow and Thermal Baths! / Poland 2023

My second booked day trip was to the mountains. We had a couple stops on the way and then finally enjoyed the thermal baths. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Another day and another early start, this time for a little happier of a trip. It was up to to mountains for a little bit of a snowy adventure. After breakfast, I got picked up and we headed up towards some Shepherd's Hut. We had a mini stop at a car garage before getting there and when we arrived everyone got sheep cheese and cherry vodka to try. I loved seeing all the snow everywhere and I just wish I'd managed to get there before Christmas because it would have really put me in a Christmas spirit. 

After there, we headed to Zakopane which was the main goal of the day. I was quite surprised to discover we only had 2 hours there which didn't seem nearly enough time. I headed straight up on the cable car. It was a snowy, winter wonderland and it was beautiful. It was so peaceful and I was alone for so much of it. 
There were some beautiful little spots, also houses, a church and even a car garage. It was pretty cloudy and foggy for the majority of it, but just as I sat down to eat, the clouds cleared and the view was incredible. I thought I would have time to walk around the village at the bottom when I got back, but with such little time, I sadly ran out of time. 
Back at the mini bus, we headed off to the thermal baths. There we had 3 hours to enjoy the 5 pools, slides and hot tubs. Honestly, it was pretty quiet there as well, but it wasn't quite as impressive as I'd thought. I think I thought it would be like Iceland's Blue Lagoon but it defintely wasn't anything of the sort. There were no face masks or anything either. The pools were nice but I wouldn't call them thermal. They were pretty cold considering, but it was interesting to be surrounded by snowy mountains. 
I didn't originally take my phone in because no one else seemed to be, but then I started to see others so for the last 10 minutes I quickly went round and took some pictures and videos. I kind of regret not doing it the other way round because of course by that point, it had gone dark and the temperature had dropped, so everything looked very steamy with the difference. 

When I got back to the hotel, I was so ready for something to drink, having run out of water before even getting back on the mini bus. I ran to the hotel bar and downed a glass of water and Diet Coke. Then I decided to go to the swimming pool again and had a lovely late night swimming session, before having a shower and having a relatively early night.