Thai Catering, Renovation Progress and Decor Unboxing!

I spent time with family and friends, finally had some significant progress with the utility room and got excited with choosing decor bits! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

The week started with my staying covid positive. It didn't go negative until day 7, in the evening, which meant I couldn't go back to work until day 9. I did however, finally stop ordering takeaway and get a grocery delivery which made my fridge nice and full. 

There was a little progress with the utility room as I finally got the plastering done, started painting and the tiles got half way laid. I couldn't get a painter to come in time so I ended up doing it myself. I did the ceiling first and then painted the walls. Walls look good enough given the shocking plastering which I will share more about later, but the ceiling looks crap. I ended up organising for a painter to come and finish the job. 

Of course, as if my week couldn't get any worse, before my 3 night shifts, I noticed a huge leak in my ceiling of the kitchen which is directly under the bath. My dad thinks it's probably from the waster/overflow pipe as I'd had a bath relatively recently prior, but nevertheless, very frustrating. Of course, that meant I had to contact the building company who originally did the work and the delay in response has meant I haven't been able to have a shower for over a week now. 

It was also my sister's 25th birthday. I was initially a little worried about the thai catering but it ended up being lovely. So nice to see everyone, plus nice to get dressed up after a long week in pyjamas as well. 

Of course, I had to get some baby snuggles in and thankfully, as I'd been without a washing machine for 2 months, my cousin and her family kindly agreed to let me use their washing machine for a uniform wash. 
Finally, after a busy but amazing few days at work with the most perfect normal birth and a whole bunch of other lovely families to luck after, I met up with Harriet and David and we went to enjoy a Sunday lunch at The Botanist. I'd been craving it since the last (and first) time I went and was so excited. Sadly, it wasn't quite as good as the previous experience as the carrots were raw and unglazed, the chicken was dry and the greens came with nuts, but it was still enjoyable and I ate the majority.