Baked In: Bottle Mixes (Review)

I relatively recently bought a bunch of Baked In products. I love Baked In as a company and have purchased from them numerous times over the years. They are well known for their baking club which I have really loved whenever I've received it, especially their bread version. A couple of months ago, I happened to go on Facebook just after they posted about a massive sale. I always miss their sales because they sell out so quickly, so was pleasantly surprised to see so many different products available and of course I went wild! 

Making cookies has always been my biggest difficulty when it comes to baking. For some reason, whenever I try a recipe I always struggle and they turn out a hot mess, either too well cooked or over sticky or just taste terrible. I thought these bottle mixes looked incredible and not only were they in beautiful reusable glass bottles, but high quality ingredients. 

I've now made all the recipes and for each one, all the dry ingredients are provided. You just need to add an egg and softened butter and mix it all together. I tend to mix the egg in with a spoon and then use my hands to combine the butter in as I've found this the quickest method. Each of these jars makes 10 large cookies, and you could divide it further if wanted or needed for sure. I love how they're so fun and the added extras make all the difference. 

I mean just look at this perfection. They come out so pretty everytime. The shape and consistency is great and if anything, they taste even yummier. If you get the chance to try them, I fully recommend you take the opportunity! With the Mini Chocolate Egg ones, you can even see the semi-melted eggs in the middle. 

One of the other items I bought was a Microwaveable Cookie Mug Mix. For this recipe you just add water or milk. I've tried both and the water makes the dough a little thicker, whereas the milk is a little more moist. Either way, both are delicious and it's the perfect pack to have in when I have a sweet tooth craving and nothing in.