School of Rock the Musical - Local Production (Review)

Once I've seen a musical once, I don't particularly feel a need to see it again. School of Rock was actually the first musical theatre production I took my ex-boyfriend to see in London and it was great. This year, my local home theatre production in Wakefield chose it as their summer show and it just so happened that one of my friend's daughter was in it. In fact she was the youngest person in the show, at just 11. 
Based originally on the much-loved film and then the adapted script, the story focus' on Dewey Finn who manages to fake himself into the position of a teacher at a well-known prestigious private school. He discovers hidden talent, creating a much loved band of school kids, culminating in the incredible You’re in the Band and Stick it to the Man.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I was honestly not expecting much. With 47 children between 11 - 18, the cast were full of surprises. They are excellent and provide a consistent sense of excitement throughout. Their energy never fails to give. They have so much joy on their faces doing something they love and considering the lack of experience, it compares well to the West End production, despite the budget reduction. 
Going forward, I will defintely be going to see local productions more often. It was so much fun to watch, especially knowing someone in the cast, and often the tickets are cheaper than the big shows which makes it much more affordable.