Nephew Snuggles, Garden Makeover and Autumn Decor!

I had a few weeks of lots of night shifts, with some lovely days off in between with family and friends, and lots of university work. 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
I had the happiest of reunions with my cousin and nephew. I can’t believe how D has gotten since I last saw him. He’s now shaking his head “no”, standing, walking with help and (almost) clapping. Someone tell him to stop growing up! At least he still has no teeth, nor anymore hair. Unfortunately, the walk was a little delayed with my cousin ending up going to work first, but we went on a lovely walk around the park first, then headed to the pub for food. 
The next day started by first of 4 night shifts. They were all incredibly busy, very short staffed and very draining. One in particular was utterly exhausting. I was feeling like absolute shite until I walked out into the morning dusk and saw two beautiful hot air balloons. I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon which is something very odd for me, given the lack of predictability. It's defintely something on my long term bucket list. Speaking of which, I should really re-write one soon! 
My sleep day, resulted in doing the back garden. I've hired a new gardener. He's only been once so far but he seems lovely and did the front garden really well, so I was pleased. He was also meant to be doing the back garden but then the patio people came to fix the patio at the same time, despite telling them I wasn't available until 1pm, which was a little frustrating. Regardless, I had to then jet wash the patio which now looks much better, but the driveway is another issue. I can't believe how much cement they spilled! 
The next week, 5 night shifts were split with a day off at the theatre to see Everybody's Talking About Jamie the Musical which was absolutely amazing and I will share a full review soon. As well as, lots of university working, decorating for autumn at the start of September, and Halloween at the start of October. I just love seasonal decor, and I am so glad Autumn has officially arrived in my house. 
To end the vlog, my best friend Hannah came down to Nottingham for a grand total of 21 hours. We chatted and put up the last of the Halloween decorations, before heading to Pesto for my first Italian tapas. It was absolutely amazing and very delicious. I can't wait to go back. My eyes were defintely bigger than belly though so we had to bring half of it back with us. 
I had a few more friends come round in the evening for a games night. We chatted for a while, before playing Colour Brain, Wavelength and Pizza. They're the new games I've recently purchased and I personally love them. Very rudely, I ended up falling asleep. I felt terrible but I had hardly slept. After coming off lots of night shifts, I'd fallen asleep by half 8 and then woke up at 2 and couldn't really get back to sleep afterwards. 

The next day, I once again woke up early but not quite as bad, at 7am. I decided to do some university work whilst Hannah slept in the room next door. We got up and ready for the day, starting with a lovely morning countryside walk and brunch at Mulberry Tree Cafe at Strelley Hall, before walking back and saying goodbye. She couldn't stay too long as I was at university in the afternoon. I'm still trying to play catch up a little on my PMA course workbook, whilst also now starting the new module on Research Methodology. 
I have genuinely had such a lovely few weeks and despite being very busy and not having much downtime, it's been everything I've needed and more.