Everybody's Talking About Jamie the Musical (Review)

I originally wanted to see Everybody's Talking About Jamie in London years ago, but something held me back. Now that it has come to Nottingham, I am actually really glad that I did! It's another musical which has since been released as a film, back in 2021, and perhaps I will one day get around to watching it and share my thoughts on the comparison. 

It shares the story of Jamie, who lives on a council estate and is terrified about the future and fitting in. His family support system is epic, despite having a father who wants nothing to do with him. "Jamie overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies and steps out of the darkness, into the spotlight". 
I was again, very excited when I saw the casting included Hayley Tamaddon as one of the leads. I've always been fond of hers. She shares the role with Giovanna Fletcher, who I'm a little sad I didn't get to see perform because I kind of love her even more(!) and also Sam Baily from X-Factor. Shobna Gulati from Coronation Street Fame was incredible in her role as honorary aunt. Whilst the famous Drag Queen, is played between John Partridge who I saw and ultimately he played the character perfectly, but I've always found him a little annoying myself, and Kevin Clifton from Strictly Come Dancing. The latter is not himself a LGBTQ+ member which has caused a few outcry's of rebellion but I can't wait to see him play the role personally. 

I really liked the staging, especially the unique backdrop which looked industrial but showcased images relating to the scene or different lighting effects. I loved the kitchen scenes and how it folded out of the sides. I also liked how they reused scenes, but with unique takes, such as the children's desks at school which regularly took centre stage and were incorporated smoothly into dance sequences.

The original songs are catchy, addictive and incredibly fun! The songs were by far the best part of the musical, but I couldn't help but feel let down. As much as I thought the lead actor suited the role in the sense of acting, I didn't think his voice was strong or powerful enough. It was quiet, hard to hear and difficult to make an impact. The rest of the cast was incredible and I loved the diversity on show. 
Despite the disappointment with the lead, it is a good musical and one that shares a great meaning to the audience, a truly feel good atmosphere! I loved getting him and dancing alongside the case at the end and left feeling so uplifted and comforted. I would defintely recommend getting tickets yourself if interested! It's on tour until the middle of 2024, so there is still plenty of time and opportunity to get to see the show.