Finishing Touches to the House!

Now that the shutters are officially fitted, a few little jobs around the house needed to be finished in order to finally finish the house renovations and decorating. I started by sanding down the surround of the bay windows which I ideally wanted to do prior to the fitting. I wanted to make it all smooth, then refill if needed and then repaint. It still isn't perfect as it's wallpaper underneath that's beginning to lift, but it looks a lot better than it ever did before. 

The quickest and easiest is re-oiling my kitchen worktop. I am meant to do this every 6 months as it's an oak worktop, but I am slightly behind, having done it 3 times now since moving in almost 14 months ago. It looks so much better when it's freshly oiled and it now perfectly matches my oak doors as well. I use the Ronseal "Clear Matt Antibacterial" Worktop Oil and ended up purchasing some Colron Cotton Lint Free Cloths as well, to apply and remove any excess.

In the utility room some small little holes needed filling in the units. I used a touch of super glue on these to hold them in place and the screw tops came from Wren with the units. I would have personally thought the kitchen fitter should have put them in, but I think he was very frustrated by the time he had built it and put it up, not once but twice. I also finally rehung the plastic seals around the outside door. 

For the downstairs cloakroom, the last job that was needed before it was completely finished was making the window no longer clear. Of course, a window is quite expensive to replace. At least I assume. I'll be honest I haven't actually looked into it, but anyway, I bought a transparent frosted film to place over the glass as an efficient fix. I was dreading doing this so kept putting off, despite buying the product months ago. 

My front door has been annoying me since I practically still moved in. The seal around the door frame and door itself, have been hanging on by a thread. I finally got around to replacing it and whilst it was an annoying job, it wasn't too difficult. It was basically a big sticker that I cut to size. I also cleaned the door frame at the same time and added my autumn door wreath. 

Upstairs I needed to add a second count of paint to the cupboard doors, as the yellow was quite difficult to colour and was still showing through. Whilst I was there, I also touched up the window sill in the spare bedroom. My mum had bought me an orchid as a 1 year celebration present, but when I went to clean, I saw it had scraped the paint off! I've ended up moving it to the bathroom so hopefully it will do less damage there. 

My "M" on my "FAMILY" sign was hanging down a bit so I used a ladder to carefully add an extra command strip on the other side to hold it up. I'd put one on each letter, but seemingly, the "M" is much heavier than the others. 

Finally the garden. Of course, this is an ongoing issue and to be honest the bane of my life. I thought I'd found a gardener, then he cancelled. Then I thought I found another, who came and was great and then he never showed up again, told me I had "unrealistic expectations" and stopped replying to messages. I have another hopefully starting in a couple weeks because keeping on top of all the weeds as well as everything else is just hard! I'm hoping to try and reduce the number of weeds and then hopefully make my lawn healthy again, without all the weeds and nettles in it. 

Get ready...a house tour is coming!