Heathers the Musical (Review)

Heathers the Musical is currently on tour around the UK so when it come to Nottingham, I went ahead and took advantage. I've heard such wonderful things about the show and although I hadn't done much research on the storyline prior to seeing it, I am glad I went to see it to tick it off the bucket list. The musical is surprisingly based an an old film and is set in a a high school, with the usual cliques of students: jocks, popular, geeks etc. 
It's a lot more of a darker story than I had originally anticipated. I expected it to be very similar to Lindsey Lohan's "Mean Girls", but it was much deeper than that. It explored themes of suicide, murder, rape, domestic violence and emotional abuse. I was surprised that there wasn't a disclaimer prior to seeing it, at both the time of ticket booking, and also when the show started. I personally am all for exposing and having open conversations about these subjects, but I don't think they ended up being addressed appropriately and although it's a musical, it's important to representative the reality of the fallout from those actions and not just to make out it's okay. 

I loved the relationships and the cast as a whole, although I don't think they're individually the strongest actors, singers nor dancers. I did enjoy it, especially the ending and the songs. I also think there is something for everyone within the show which is great. I personally, wouldn't go see it again and I don't think it's overly memorable, but there was some huge fans in the audience who danced and sang along, chanting the casts names and waiting for them to leave at the end for pictures and autographs.