Outfit of the Day: Dominican Republic Holiday Edition

I haven't shared an "OOTD" post for a long time so I thought why not do a couple of holiday editions, starting with a day time outfit. I haven't bought new holiday clothes in particular for a long time, so most of these pieces are quite old but still very comfy. 

My favourite swimsuit coverup is this one piece from Amazon. It's a dark navy blue see-through material, decorated with tassels around the edges. It's so comfortable and very flattering. 
The next is a striped blue and white dress from Dorothy Perkins. It's a super easy and comfortable cotton dress, that is very easy to shove on and off. P.S. It kills me that the bathroom door is open in the picture! 
I wore a similar pattern top, with a lace back, the following day. This top is crimped at the waist for a little more fitted style, paired with some thin denim shorts from George ASDA which you can't really see in the picture but they are admittedly very comfortable. 
Another day, another striped top. This one is pure cotton but very similar to the other top and short outfit. Paired with the same thin denim shorts from George at ASDA. 
I love this outfit but it is sometimes a little hot depending on the weather. This is a dress from Debenhams that I got as a matching set with with a matching bikini and sarong. The bikini no longer fits but I still love the strapless dress design. This is as cotton piece, super stretchy and elasticated and very comfortable. The tie just under the bust, allows it to have shape, whilst not being figure hugging. I also love the sarong to wrap around when still quite wet or when it gets a bit too warm. 

I just love super simple and comfortable outfits and clothes. I've never been on for fashion and wearing what's on trend. This is me and this is who I am. If you haven't noticed, I also just shove my hair up in a bun for a sunbathing morning.