Outfit of the Night: Dominican Republic Holiday Edition

Following on from last week's style Saturday post - albeit this is probably a very short-lived 2 week series - this week, I'm sharing my evening outfits from my Dominican Republic holiday. All of these are from Amazon, in the last year or so, so I would have thought they would probably all still be available and I will try to add in the links. 

The first dress is my most recent purchase and I absolutely love it. Described as a "sexy v-neck, with practical buttons, elastic waistband design and lotus leaf sleeves", I chose this in a khaki green to complement my eyes. It's so soft and stretchy! I was originally going to wear it on a daytime, but with jewellery and the right accessories it was perfect for the warm evenings! 

The next dress I have in two colours because I love it so much. I think it's just super comfortable and flattering and I love the soft colour shades. I have in in a light pink and a baby green shade. It is super lightweight, with two layers. You'll probably also notice a theme with these dresses in that I like my arms to be covered at the top at the moment. 

This dress was a very late addition to be packed into the suitcase and thank god I did because the other two dresses I packed didn't fit. I've put on almost 2 stone since this last year and it's definitely, starting to show in some of my favourite outfits. I thought this was a comfortable white, floaty dress. The unique square neckline is something I don't normally go for, but I find this one really quite flattering. There is a half arm short lantern sleeves, ruched bust, flared hem and an A-line cut, with an elastic waist to accentuate curves perfectly. The chiffon fabric gives it a casual, flowy feel, keeping it cool for nights. 

The final evening outfit I wore is a Strappy Baggy Harem Jumpsuit. It looks like a lot of material which it is, but it's quite thin and lightweight. I downsized in this outfit by 3 sizes! I do find it quite low, so underneath I wear a black crop top underneath just to cover the cleavage area, but mainly the sides as the bra would be on full display. 

I took three pair of shoes with my for the holiday and mix and matched them all for different outfits as you can see. I took two pairs of FitFlops, one in black and one in white. Then I also took a pair of white wedges which I bought from an outlet in York a couple of years ago. 

Which outfit is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!