Greatest Days the Musical (Review)

Greatest Days is the newly renamed musical, formerly known as The Band, and based on the songs by Take That. I wasn't initially going to book (as usual) as I am not a massive fan of Take That and release official movie had just been released for free on Prime, but then I saw who the cast included, and I recognised Jennifer Ellison, and I've always loved her. 

I felt a little out of place when I first arrived as most of the audience were middle aged women, and I was by far the youngest there. I actually thought the show was about Take That itself, but I was pleasantly surprised when I watched to know that it wasn't the story at all. Instead, it focussed on a group of childhood friends who went to a Take That  concert in their teens, only to reunite after one of them wins tickets to a reunion concert and re-bond after the death of their friend. 
I ended up loving it from start to finish and has such a great time. I found I recognised most of the songs, which was a little bit of a surprise and was even able to join in with the sing-a-long as the end! It showcased 15 top hit songs, and the UK tour celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Take That’s first ever UK number 1 single, Pray. 

I really loved the 2 time stamped settings with  scenes set of the friends as teens, and also as adults, 20 years forward. Throughout, there were flashbacks to the younger years cleverly intertwined and linked. They also had a very simple set work, which transitioned the same pieces into different areas, whilst utilising all the cast members to do so, keeping casting to a minimum and intimate party. 
The tour continues throughout the UK for another month, so be sure to check out tickets if you live in the following areas: Hull, Aylesbury, Sunderland and Leeds. Kym Marsh by take the lead at some venues.