Pretty Little Home: October Subscription Box (Review)

I'm ending the "style" Saturday post with a little different of a post. It's not fashion, but it's still style related in terms of a home decor haul. Another month and another unboxing from Pretty Little Home, with their October Subscription Box. I thought I'd share the items a little differently this month by showing where I've actually put and how I've styled them, instead of the individual items. 

The first item that I opened, I immediately loved, was these large cermaic grey pumpkins. I have a 4 set as a mini collection but these are so sweet. These retail for £12.95. I've placed these on the coffee table with the glass pumpkin, which is my perfect winter water glass. The RRP is £9.95. 

On a similar wavelength, more pumpkins were a set of three small white ones with silver stalks. I can only find a price for these as medium x 2 or tiny x 4, so I can't find the exact price and the closest is £6. 

For a little bit of colour, they added an autumn sign, which normally costs £7.99. I've placed this in the kitchen which is where my orange and black decor is. Nearby, I've also put the glass pumpkin bud vase. I think this is so sweet for both candles and odd flowers, but I do now have plenty of both so I hope I don't get any more. I'm not sure if I'm missing one, but they're sold as a pack of 2 for £11.95and I received a singleton. 

There are a couple of things I don't really plan on using. The first is 2 set of 12 candles and one actually came with 13 for some reason. I think I'll re-gift one and keep one set for myself and emergencies. They're very versatile and at £5.95 a bargain, but I personally am not a fan of candles. Finally, another item, that I am giving as a housewarming present is a beaded board in natural effect, sold for £16.99. 

I think it's great to have a little surprise every month and I love that the decor is seasonal. I do think the last three have been a little repetitive with so many pumpkin themed items, but importantly all the items are different. I can't wait for the next box with more of a Christmas theme which is one of my favourite seasons to decorate for. I actually thought this month's would start it, but they continued with fall. 

You can see my previous unboxing here. This month's box items came to a total cost of £71.77, plus £5.95 shipping, making it £77.72. I paid just £37.98, saving me a shocking £39.74. What do you think? Do you think it's worth the cost?